szilvi"Hajnal lets me enter a whole new world through my voice, and helps me open doors that I never thought existed."

Péter Szabó Szilvia (NOX)
adri„Since I started to practice with this method, I can sing the higher notes much easier!”


„…I believe that every person is a unique individual. As the voice develops, the personality grows with it.…”

Hajnal Magyar, founder of Hajnal Magyar Vocal Studio, established herself in the Hungarian music industry first as a top-tier vocalist, then as a widely demanded vocal coach. She gained considerable experience as a lead singer (in bands Moralisa, Dama, Moonshiners, Dawn and Chris) and as a background vocalist for Hungarian and foreign celebrity artists like Gloria Gaynor, Till Kahrs, Zorán, Klári Katona, Péter Gerendás and Gábor Presser. During these years she saw the many different ways in which the voice of a person shapes the person itself. That is why she offers tailor-made vocal coaching in her studio.

Hajnal learned to play the piano at the age of 6, and by 15, she was already enrolled in a vocal studio, learning classical singing under Anna Stibló. She began teaching in 1994. 

Hajnal mentored the contestants of the first ever talent show on Hungarian television, Popstars. Since then, she has continued teaching majority of the hungarian superstars. (The Voice 2013, Rising Star 2014)

Amongst the celebrity clients of Hajnal Magyar Vocal Studio are: Szilvia Péter Szabó - Nox, Katica Illényi, Dóra Szinetár, Magdi Rúzsa, Bebe, Dénes Pál, Eszter Végvári, Lola, Louanda Bird, Fruzsi Giret - Satöbbi, Sonja – Balkan Fanatik, Matild Pénzes – Imago Mundi, Regina Rostás - Rostás Regina Kvintett, Ákos Dobrády, SP, Brasch Bence, Mc. Columbo – Irie Maffia, Oszkár Knapp – Wrong Side of The Wall, Richárd Lukács – Stiff Bastard, KRSA – Pannonia Allstars Ska Orchestra, Péter Pötyi Hanák – freak!, Kovács Ferenc – Lions of Suburbia, Imre Rakonczai, BPA GOSPEL, and many others.